1. Starting a new project

    I try to follow where the music leads me. I’m working on a new project and I’ll post some tracks here from time to time.


  2. Day 46 of The Work. Brought it back down to 120bpm. Twiddled the arpeggiators and the beat sync’d delays a little.


  3. Day 45 of The Work. More of the “Jazz For Robots” vibe here. New bass line and change of tonal instruments.


  4. day 44 of The Work. taking it up to 140 bpm and cruising along at altitude. Now with more cooldowns! Now GRAPEVINE! 5, 6, 7 8! Feel the burn! Or something like that.


  5. Day 43 of The Work, first day of week 7 continuing with the two drum two tonal combination for a while longer.

  6. The new face/back-plate pieces. I’m going to put a panda sticker on this one too. Thanks Milla!

    I cut out the plates using the router attachment for my dremel and an 1/8th bit. After I get the edges smoothed out, I’m going to put a 1/4 round edge around the outside of the front and back plates, and fit the openings at the neck and tailpiece on the front and around the as yet undecided jack placement on the back plate. Then a few more coats of oil and rubbing with a modern steel wool replacement pad and then put it all back together and make noises. Now that the oil has soaked in, it has really darkened up the mahogany considerably. One of the pictures has a piece of the previous faceplate, and you can see that the birch (used birch then as well) gets a little golden but stays light, providing a nice contrast.


  7. Another interesting week in my life equals another interesting week of music. collect them all at bandcamp https://6bq9.bandcamp.com/album/ive-said-too-much-vol-vi


  8. Day 42 of The Work. Download the whole week https://6bq9.bandcamp.com/album/ive-said-too-much-vol-vi from bandcamp

  9. Continuing progress on the guitar rebuild. Probably be finished next week. The faceplate will be cut from a piece of 1/4 in. birch plywood I picked up at Lowe’s. They also had som nic oak. This has plenty of interesting grain that will only look better sanded and oil finished. I mocked up what it might look like for the final picture.


  10. Day 41 of “The Work.” the tempo has come back up and some parts moved around and a track changed to a drum track and some new rhythms dropped in.